Sunday, 5 August 2012

Free Online Web Tools (Best Of)

My personal web related best of free online tools. Updated as necessary.

Javascript & CSS


  • Special Characters - To find the HTML equivalent of special characters (for example, accentuated characters).
  • Shape Catcher - Help finding a unicode character by recognizing its shape.

Image, Colors & Backgrounds

  • Color Scheme Designer - Very useful to create color palettes.
  • Pattern Designer - Really nice patterns.
  • Smush It - To compress a set of images.
  • JPEGMini - To reduce JPEG images in size without loosing quality.
  • SpritePad -  Simple & useful tool to generate the CSS for sub-images embedded in a larger image (i.e., sprites). The purpose is to reduce the number of requests to the server to fetch images.
  • Background Patterns - Great online tool to generate nice background patterns.


  • See the Web/SEO page, in the Tools section.


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