Thursday, 15 November 2012

Seth Godin - Spreading Ideas Summary

Here is a quick summary of Seth Godin's great TED video about spreading ideas.


  • For 15 years, people ignored sliced bread until someone found out how to spread the idea
  • Idea diffusion is a central concept in this century
  • Television advertising was been the main way to diffuse ideas and products
  • But, too much choice + not enough time → led people to ignore stuff
  • Hence, a product has to be remarkable for people to talk about it
  • Marketers make average products for average people ("The center is the big market")
  • They ignore early adopters and innovators on the left of the bell curve
  • Seth Godin: average people ignore your average product, innovators and early adopters care
  • Innovators and early adopters are obsessed about something (otaku)
  • If you don't have an otaku constituency for a product, it won't work
  • Hot Sauce is otaku, Mustard is not otaku
  • Sell to people who are listening, and may be they'll tell their friends
  • Does your customer have otaku? Is your product remarkable?
  • Design is key and critical to make remarkable products
  • Being very good is ≠ remarkable, people will not notice it
  • Figure out who does care and sell to them

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